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Revision Unit 1 (6th Prim) - ACTUALIZADO

To revise the vocabulary and grammar of unit 1 (Surprise 6), why don't you download these worksheets?

Exercises, click here

More exercises, click here 

Translation exercise (.doc) ACTUALIZADO

Translation exercise (pdf) ACTUALIZADO

Keys to the first Exercises 

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If you need to practise COMPARATIVES, try these ONLINE exercises:


martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

It's Halloween time!!

Ghosts, witches, vampires, spiders, Jack O'Lanterns...Do you want to have scary fun?? Then, why don't you play these games?

Interactive game: nice witch story!!
Create a pumpkin
Create another pumpkin by carving 
Pumpkin matching game
Halloween costume make-up
Spot the differences
A bit of maths
Halloween wordsearch
Let's cook!! 

Comparative and Superlative

A quick revision of Comparative and Superlative. ONLINE EXERCISE

Comparatives 1, click here

Superlative, click here

Comparative & Superlative, click here

Telling the time (ONLINE EXERCISES)

To practise telling the time, do these ONLINE exercises!

What time is it?, click here

More times, click here

A game about times, click here

Types of houses

Have a look at this...


Excellent online exercise to practise Comparative and Superlative adjectives. Try it!

Click here (by Victoria-Ladybug)

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