Monday, 23 November 2015

Revision Unit 2 (1st ESO)

To revise for the exam...

One-star exercises

Two-star exercises

Three-star exercises

Revision unit 2 (4th ESO)

To revise the grammar and vocabulary of Unit 2 (Relationships; present perfect, past simple), why don't you download these worksheets?

Two-star exercises
Three-star exercises

Pronunciation of Irregular verbs

To practise your pronunciation...

Click here

Present Simple & Continuous: exercises

A bit of theory about these two tenses:

Theory about Present Simple vs Continuous


Again, another exercise to help you memorize the Irregular verbs

click here, (by Faurfab)

Irregular verbs GAME

Just a little help to study the irregular verbs in a more entertaining way..

Irregular verbs game 1

Irregualr verbs game 2

Irregular verbs game 3

Irregular verbs game 4

Past Simple exercises (Online)

If you need to revise PAST SIMPLE TENSE,  click on these ONLINE EXERCISES.

Click here

Click here: Present or Past?

Affirmative & negative past simple exercises


Why don't you revise the PRESENT PERFECT a little more? ONLINE EXERCISES! They are so easy!!

Poor cat!!

Some more exercises, click here

Wh- Questions! (2nd ESO)

To learn how to make questions from a given answer, why don't you practise this way?

Click here

Revision Unit 2 (2nd ESO)

 Here's a good group of exercises related to Houses, Routines, Present Simple and Present Continuous. If you're interested, just download them...

One-star exercises

Two-star exercises

Three-star exercises