Thursday, 28 April 2016

Clothes and accessories (6th Primary)

Excellent interactive book about clothes and accessories. It's worth having a look at it!

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Come on! Show how good you are on this exercise about clothes!

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Clothes , by vtakamatu


I love clothes!
Do you need some practise? ONLINE EXERCISES

CLOTHES - and accessories -, by Stefania


Do you want to learn some vocabulary related to clothes?

Clothes (by Edite Tentere)

Monday, 25 April 2016

Revision Unit 6 (2º Bachill)

If you need some more explanation about Conditional sentences and Wish, here's a ppt I've done.

Click to download the Power Point about Conditional Sentences

Unit 6 More Practice

Unit 6 Extension

Extra Writing

The Passive Voice (Present - Past Simple) (ESO)

Here's some basic theory about Passive Voice with a link to some online exercise.

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Modals of Certainty and Probability (3º y 4º ESO)

Here's some good theory about modals: MUST - MIGHT - MAY - COULD - CAN'T

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Relative Clauses: ONLINE

Just some activities to revise Relative Clauses.

Exercise 1 (3º y 4º ESO)

Exercise 2 (3º y 4º ESO) 

Exercise 3 (translation) (3º y 4º ESO) 

Exercise 4 (3º y 4ºESO) 

Exercise (bachillerato level)

Relative Clauses (Bachillerato)

PPT about Relative clauses. Some practice included.

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Past Perfect (vs Present Perfect)

Great explanation about Past Perfect (also in contrast to present present). Exercises and key included!

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 When we arrived home, we discovered that someone had broken into our house.